POTATO STARS, DELTA KONG, & timeofhex Saturday, 11 April 2015 12:45


Three bands from Australia

 Potato Stars, the band they couldn't root, shoot or electrocute, will hit Cambodia with their blitzkrieg rock this April. Now entering their 20th year of existence, the Spuds, as they are popularly known, have become leg ends in their own trousers. Over the years Potato Stars have released numerous records, their latest, Feedback Stoner Concerto, was launched in June 2014, and the band has played more gigs than they can count.Lead scrote, Falcon Randwick, assures Cambodian music haters that a PotStars gig will be utterly unlike anything they have ever experienced before. “This band is like some sort of exploding amoeba,” he says. “There is simply no way even we can be sure what kind of mayhem we’ll unleash on stage at any given gig.”In addition to Randwick, the band is made up of members of bonafide Aussie rock legends, Beasts of Bourbon and The Fags, ably assisted by Cissi Tseng from In Orbit and, for these Cambodian shows, locally based bass boss, Ned Kelly. Potato Stars supported by swamp rockers Delta Kong and experimental electro outfit timeofhex.

timeofhex is Cissi Tsang - a cross-disciplinary artist who converts photographs into music, She uses hexadecimal data derived from photographs and turns that data into sounds. These sounds are best described as a mix of sinuous synthesizers, effects and world music to create an immersive, dramatic soundscape. Since its birth in September 2014, timeofhex has performed in Perth Australia and Tianjin China. Cissi has also played guitar in the well-received bands In Orbit and Tuxedo Pig, she is also currently lead guitarist in Potato Stars.Here is a review from http://www.yourband.info/index.php?q=timeofhex in binary code, with a helpful link to a binary translator.


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